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Organize your business dinner at Neco

Our Buffet + Drink + Cava, for groups of 6 or more people in Neco Pascual and Genís, Neco C.C. El Saler, Neco Alfafar or Neco Madrid. Dinner hours from 8pm to 1am.

Until December 23. Water, soft drinks, beer and wine included.

We’ve refurbished Neco Pascual y Genís and Neco Alfafar

Our new image arrives at Neco Pascual y Genís, our buffet in the center of Valencia, and Neco Parque Albufera Alfafar, located next to Carrefour and Lidl, a step away from the MN4 Shopping Center, Media Markt and Ikea.

Aid to collaborate with the environment

Thanks to IVACE, the FEDER fund and the advice of SERNOVEN, in Neco Pascual and Genís we have concluded the optimization of its air conditioning system, contributing to the conservation of the environment.

Project name:

3.745,06 €

Neco Plaza better than ever

The reform of Neco Plaza has transformed our cafeteria in a more modern, brighter and friendly local. Check it out for yourself, we are convinced that you’ll love the new look of Neco Plaza.

In November 2015 Neco celebrated 20 years

There will be two decades of dedication to the hospitality sector, focused on improving the Neco concept, choosing quality raw material and always offering trusted brands…

Neco opens its first buffet in Madrid

After more than 20 years focused on Valencia’s hospitality sector, our chain opens its first Neco in Madrid. A modern buffet located in the heart of the capital. Meet Neco Felipe II!

Authentic Valencian paella in Neco

Our buffets are recommended because of their paellas. In Neco we always serve them, with meat or seafood, prepared following the traditional recipe. Also enjoy our rice with lobster, black rice, baked rice…

We comply with the regulations on allergens

In compliance with Regulation (EU) 1169/2011, at every Neco restaurant you will find helpful information on allergens and we will be happy to attend your questions about them.

Neco cumple con el reglamento sobre alérgenos