Frequently asked questions

We want to give all the info about the concept, prices, reservations and how our buffets work. In this section you can find the answers to the frequent questions that arise among our customers. Should you have any other doubts, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Do you need to make a reservation?

No, you don’t. At Neco we attend to our customers as they arrive. If you see a line, you will also see it moving forward quickly!

Can I have all I can eat?

You can serve yourself as many times as you want. You are only kindly requested to serve with moderation, in order to not waste food.

Do you always offer the same meals?

No, we have got a wide range of meals and variety of dishes that rotate on a daily basis. Paella, salads, pasta, vegetable, meat, fish…

When do you pay?

When you finish your lunch or dinner and ask for the bill, the waiter will come to your table to take your payment.

Does each person pay?

Yes, as a buffet we don’t have the option for you to pay for one person and two people be sat for eating, but we have special prices for children.

Do you accept credit card?

Yes, we do. You can pay at any Neco Restaurant or Coffee shop using most well-known credit cards: Visa, Master Card and Maestro.

Do you accept Cheque Gourmet?

Yes, we do. You can use Cheque Gourmet for paying. Also we accept Ticket Restaurant and Sodexo Restaurant Pass.

Do children pay?

We’ve got special prices for children according to their age in all our restaurants. Search our prices for the children’s menu.

What does the price include?

Price includes all you eat, even dessert, and VAT. Price don’t include drinks and coffee. Search our drinks offer in Valencia / Madrid.

Can we come as a group?

Yes you can, but you are kindly requested to contact us before coming to the Restaurant. Information and booking for groups.

Do you organize celebrations?

Yes, we offer private parties, birthdays, first communions, baptisms and other events. More information about celebrations at Neco.

Do you have a take away service?

Yes we’ve got this service for those who want to enjoy Neco at home, at the office… Learn more about the prices for take away service.